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Aqueduct Is Good Music

Aqueduct Is Good Music

Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster

Heart Design

Zero The Controls

Aqueduct Live @ GroundHall Nov. 27, 2010
Mixed & Mastered By Mike D.

1836 at Cottonwood

1836 at Cottonwood

J. Charles & The Trainrobbers - No Moon


The Roomsounds - Elm Street

The Band Of Heathens - Trip Around The Sun

1836 @ Cottonwood on March 8, 2014
Mixed & Mastered By Mike D.

The Wesson Family Recordings

Wesson Family Recordings

Calvary Tabernacle

Recorded Live Via Behringer X32 on May 12, 2014 at Calvary Tabernacle in Deer Park, Texas.
Mixed & Mastered By Steve & Joe Wesson


The Rua performs Gasoline

The Rua on Fox Rox mixed by Mike D.

Vodi at Eureka Heights

Vodi Live on August 17, 2019

Mixed by Henry Rogers
Recorded and post mixing by Mike D.